Automated Container Code Recognition!

We enable the container shipping industry, or software developers, to simplify container handling processes reducing costs and satisfying customers.

Our solutions are based on our industry leading OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Engine, ConPDS Core, that delivers highly reliable container code recognition.

ConPDS Checker

With ConPDS Checker container photo documentation simply becomes click-and-go.

ConPDS Tracker

ConPDS Tracker enables container movement tracking.

ConPDS Core

The OCR Engine

Our OCR engine that you can integrate into your software projects, that gives instant and guaranteed results.

"For Nile Dutch Africa Line the ConPDS app is a great tool for capturing container damages each time a container is returned empty to one of our locations in West Africa. ConPDS enables us to provide almost real-time damage reports to our agents and customers. We have experienced the ConPDS app to be very user-friendly and easy to use. A great advantage is that damage reports can be uploaded directly from a smartphone, allowing for a very efficient process."

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