ConPDS Tracker

Bring your container movement monitoring to the next level

ConPDS Tracker

Automated Container Movement Monitoring

ConPDS Tracker enables effortless container movement monitoring. The platform integrates with your current systems to provide site wide identification of containers entering and exiting the yard, dock, depot etc.

With ConPDS Tracker you can easily build your own rule engine and customized workflows, in the preffered development platform.

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The plug-and-play solution for container movement monitoring 

Below are some of the features that make ConPDS Tracker popular among users.

Innovative plug-and-play solution

ConPDS Tracker is built for easy install, effortlessly tying into existing systems.

This affords a setup process with a minimum of barriers, demanding fewer resources and lowering the time spent on implementation.

Reliable data output

At the heart of ConPDS Tracker is our industry leading ConPDS Core OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine.

This ensures state-of-the-art functionality based around a continuously optimized engine, able to reliably recognize BIC and ILU container codes.

Seamless integration with all camera types

The system is able to draw on a wide range of image/video data input sources.

Thus, we are most often able to integrate with the existing on-site monitoring setup, requiring little to no investment in new camera equipment.

Cross-platform solution

Out-of-the-box ConPDS Tracker is able to publish results to industry standard MQTT brokers, making it a natural bridge into existing or requested backend solutions.

You can easily build your own utility based rule engine and customized workflows, in the preffered development platform.



Save hundreds of hours coding and reach your business objectives faster with ConPDS Tracker.

Industry leading support

At ConPDS we promise high quality service, both in terms of system trial, setup and maintenance.

We partner with customers in ensuring that our solutions are always optimized for site specific needs and that they scale naturally accordingly.

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