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ConPDS Checker

Photo Documenting Intermodal Containers 

With ConPDS Checker container photo documentation simply becomes click-and-go.

No more hassle using traditional digital cameras, handling memory cards, uploading images and time-consuming sorting and renaming of photos.

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The industry-leading container documentation tool

Below are some of the features that make ConPDS Checker popular among users.

Instantly available documentation

“Time is money.” Whether you need photo documentation for yourself or your customers, time is crucial. Instant photo transfer means no waiting time. Damage costs can be estimated, approved, and invoiced much faster.

Integrates with your current systems

Thanks to the integrated Workflow Engine, you can continue using your existing systems. ConPDS Checker Management Center can communicate with almost any 3rd party solution in a semi- or full-automatic workflow, depending on your preferences.

Eliminate errors

ConPDS Checker ensures consistent container photo documentation. The OCR engine features BIC code validation in the mobile app, eliminating more than 90% of misreadings.

Semi- or full-automatic communication

The ConPDS Checker Management Center features a Workflow Engine that enables extensive customization to your needs and environment. Perhaps your organization needs all photos transferred to a 3rd party system as an automated process. If your organization has special requirements, we assist in adapting your operating model to automate most daily tasks.

Click and deliver in seconds

ConPDS Checker uses built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality to identify each container’s unique ID, using the first photo you take of the container. Now, start taking photos of the container damages or other details that you need to document.
Highlight specific photo details using the annotation function or assign customized Tags or Notes. That’s it – press Finish, and the pictures will upload to the ConPDS Checker Management Center for further management.

Save time – increase productivity

ConPDS Checker instantly saves valuable time for everyone; the dock and depot workers, inspectors, and administrative staff. There is no more hassle with digital cameras, shuffling memory cards, uploading, time-consuming manual sorting, and renaming photos.

Works online and offline

Online or not, ConPDS Checker is fully functional wherever you need it. When offline, the app will still perform every task. All photos are stored encrypted on your device, and once reconnected, photos upload automatically.

Industry leading support

At ConPDS, we promise high-quality service in terms of system trial, setup, and maintenance.


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Satisfied customers.

“For Harbour Reefer Service, the ConPDS Checker solution is a great tool for capturing photos of every repair job we do. The solution enables us to provide almost real-time photo documentation reports to our agents and customers.

We have experienced the ConPDS Checker app to be user-friendly and easy to use. A great advantage is that the photos are uploaded directly from smartphones to the user-friendly web interface, allowing for a very efficient process.”

– Pieter van Dam, Technical supervisor

“Our work relies on us making extensive photo documentation.

The ConPDS Checker solution eliminates hours of manual work in sorting, organizing, renaming the pictures, and saving as it happens completely automatically.

We always get fast and good IT support whenever needed. The ConPDS team is very collaborative to modify the app and website as per our requests.”

Simone Di Tardo, SDT-MCS

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