Container Photo Documentation System

ConPDS eliminates the need for digital cameras, memory cards and transportation from container yard to administration. With the ConPDS mobile app, container photo documentation simply becomes click-and-go.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Below are some of the features that will make ConPDS a very popular solution among your users.


Documentation instantly available

Time is money. Whether you need photo documentation for yourself or your customers, time is crucial. Instant photo transfer means no waiting time. Damage costs can be estimated, approved and invoiced much faster.

No IT revolutions

Thanks to the Workflow Engine, you can continue using your existing systems. ConPDS can communicate with almost any 3rd party soluton, in a semi or full-automatic workflow, depending on your preferences. Download our apps here and try for yourself: Downloads


Eliminate errors

ConPDS ensures consistent container photo documentation. Once the process is configured in the Distribution Center, it simply works. In the mobile app, the OCR-engine features BIC code validation, eliminating more than 90 % of misreadings.


Semi or full-automatic communication

The ConPDS Distribution Center features a Workflow Engine that enables extensive customization to your needs and environment. Perhaps your organization need all photos to be transferred to a 3rd party system, as an automated process. Often staff must manually choose between variable destinations. Our technical staff is able to adapt ConPDS to your operating model.

Click and Deliver in Seconds

ConPDS uses built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality to identify each container’s unique ID, using the first photo you take of the container. Now, start taking photos of the container damages or other details that you need to document. Highlight specific photo details, using the Review function. That’s it – press Finish and a folder containing the photos is automatically created at the destination of your choice.

Instant Photo Transfer

A key benefit of the ConPDS solution, is once photos are taken, using the ConPDS mobile app, the solution instantly delivers the photos to where you need them. The method is to deliver the photos to a standard file server. Since the mobile app transfers photos already pre-packed in a folder named by container ID and time of entry, it is easy to search, view and share any photos, using the ConPDS Distribution Center.

Save time – increase productivity

ConPDS instantly saves valuable time for both the dock and depot workers, inspectors as well as the administrative staff. No more hassle with digital cameras, shuffling memory cards, uploading, manual time-consuming sorting and renaming photos.

Works online and offline

Online or not, ConPDS is fully functional wherever you need it. When offline, the app will still perform every task. All photos are stored encrypted on your device and once reconnected; photos are automatically uploaded. Try ConPDS mobile app today!


20$ / monthly

per device

Supported Platforms

ConPDS is used by customers worldwide, and we are proud to have received impressive feedback. For example watch the video above to learn how ConPDS is helping APM Terminals in Aarhus, Denmark.

"ConPDS has given APM Terminals a strongly optimized digitalized workflow, providing efficiency to both operators producing our photo documentation and to the administrative staff in processing the photo documentation afterwards. We save valuable time and effort in our ongoing process of repairing containers for liner companies around the world."

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