*) One Developer License is required per operating system
**) A Runtime License is required per device or connected camera

Additional Runtime Licenses (RL)

One Time

50 RL – $250
100 RL – $450
250 RL – $1000
500 RL – $1750
1000 RL – $2500
1500 RL – $3000

Yearly Maintenance (optional)

50 RL – $50
100 RL – $90
250 RL – $200
500 RL – $350
1000 RL – $500
1500 RL – $600

License includes this

BIC container code and ISO Type and Size code recognition.

ILU container code recognition

Assistance as needed during the first 45 days to assists developers with implementation issues.

Email support

Online and/or offline activation of Runtime Licenses

Free updates if maintenance is current. As long as maintenance is current and active, a new license will be given upon request for the current version of ConPDS OCR Engine. Any license provided is perpetual.

Free training of OCR engine with your image material if maintenance is current.


Available for these operating systems:

Libraries for Java and Xamarin


Library or Java console version

Library or Java Console version

Raspberry PI (Linux)
Java Console version

ARM architecture

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